A word from Jesse Krieger

Jesse is a Project Rockstar alumnus and graduated from the first ever
Project Rockstar in 2008. He has since built an empire of online
businesses and authored the best-selling book, Lifestyle

Jesse Krieger presents: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy…

“What’s up guys? Jesse Krieger here and I am thrilled to be a part of Project Rockstar. I still remember my epic experience on the first Project Rockstar ever way back in 2008. Man, how things have changed since then, and this year promises to be the best Project Rockstar yet!

This year I have something very special planned for the lucky guys that make it onto Project Rockstar. If you followed the action over the last few years, you know that Project Rockstar and my book Lifestyle Entrepreneur are intertwined.brWell, now it has become an international best seller and I have been traveling around the world on book tours, inspiring and instructing the next generation of lifestyle entrepreneurs.brThat’s where you come in!

Project Rockstar itself is a life-changing experience. It is a program that drops you into the center of the action, with the best instructors and mentors in the business, designed to expand your horizons and supercharge your life. This year I will work with each Rockstar 1-on-1 for as long as it takes to design a customized lifestyle plan and business template.br The goal of my Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy curriculum is that you will not be returning to “your old life,” after Project Rockstar, but rather that you will use this experience as a launching pad to blast off into the next phase of your life like a true Rockstar and entrepreneur!

the launch video

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy is a curriculum that begins by discovering your identity through a series of customized exercises. Once we get a feel for your background, talents, passions, skills and desires, we are well on the way to deducing the kind of lifestyle that will fill you with a sense of passion and purpose.br With this as a foundation, we’ll begin crafting what I call Creative Constructs designed specifically for you. Creative Constructs are temporary lifestyle changes that shuffle the deck in the game of life.

Whether that means living abroad for 6 months, studying a language and getting great at martial arts, or moving to a new location to launch a business idea you’ve been playing with for years, we will craft a Creative Construct specific to your identity and desires. Having lived my life based on these concepts for years, both myself, and the rest of the Project Rockstar instructor team will use reference experiences from our own lives to show you what is possible and inspire you to think BIG.

“The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy curriculum will change the way you look at and interact with the world. This is the time to take ownership of your desires and create a life worthy of a screenplay.”

Jesse Krieger, Lead Business Mentor

Once we have mapped your Identity and designed a Creative Construct, it’s time to create a way to finance the lifestyle of your dreams. Here I will draw on my 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur to help you create innovative ways to finance your dream lifestyle. I have developed a personalized system that builds on your identity and works with your Creative Constructs to determine what type of business is best suited to your personality.brSome people enjoy dealing with people everyday in the course of doing business. Some people like to work from their laptop with their feet kicked up by the pool and not talk to anyone. Whatever your personality type, experience or age, I firmly believe that you can learn how to build a business that leverages your identity and experiences to create a business you can be proud of, and that finances the life you’ve always dreamed of.brThat is what we will create together on Project Rockstar.

You will get a personally signed copy of my best-selling book Lifestyle Entrepreneur, have full access to all the training products and programs I’ve created, and learn from numerous real-life case studies that the instructor team and I have accumulated throughout the years. br I’m not holding anything back. Project Rockstar is just the right length and format to condense 10 years of experience starting, growing and selling businesses into one intensive summer program. br What do you get when you combine the best dating coaches in the world with some of the hottest destinations on the planet, and add custom-tailored lifestyle and entrepreneurship consulting? Project Rockstar. br Hope to see you there!”