Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, February 28, 2018…
The countdown has begun!

PROJECT ROCKSTAR is a not-for-profit program which offers tremendous value to its participants. Because of this, the theme for Rockstar selection is the “+1 Rule.”

That is, Rockstar applicants must be able to prove that they can enhance the overall program through their attendance in some manner (be it life experience, good emotions, a particular skillset, etc…). There is no particular mold for the perfect Rockstar applicant, rather, we will fill the various slots in a manner which we feel will build the most cohesive overall class.

In terms of characteristics, we are looking for men who can illustrate amazing drive and passion to accomplish their hopes and dreams. We are looking for a desire within applicants to live full, coupled with a self-standard to settle for nothing but the best. We want participants that are willing to give 110% and are willing to take risks and follow instruction. There should be evidence of all this throughout the application.

The minimum age requirement for Project Rockstar is 21 years of age. However, there is no maximum age and applicants will not be disadvantaged by virtue of their age. Applicants must be able to travel freely to the United States and the European Union. Project Rockstar is an international program and people from all countries are welcome to apply, though a strong grasp of English is required.

The selection process



Applications will be accepted from January 10, 2018 through February 28, 2018 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants who submit their applications earlier will receive significant priority.


First Round interview

You will be contacted via e-mail if you are selected for a First Round interview. All interviews will take place via Skype.

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Second Round interview

If you pass the First Round interview, you will be scheduled for a Second Round interview.


Third Round interview

If you pass the Second Round interview, you will be scheduled for a Third Round interview.

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Selection Day

If you pass the Third Round interview, you will be scheduled for “Selection Day.” Selection Day will be a group interview with the full Project Rockstar leadership team. A final decision on your candidacy will be granted immediately after your interview.


Class Introduction

Once the Project Rockstar 2018 class has been selected, we will introduce everyone privately and provide all the details for the upcoming summer.

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The Project Rockstar 2018 application can be downloaded here:

Upon completion, please submit the completed Word file below, renaming the document “PR2018 – your name – location” (i.e. PR2018 – Joe Smith – Los Angeles, CA).

Please keep in mind that what we want from the answers you give us is to develop a holistic understanding of the person you are. Questions such as educational background and work history are there for us simply to fill in our overall understanding of you as a person. It is to you benefit to provide as much evidence supporting your claims throughout your application. We view your application as a detailed narrative of your life, so we recommend you meet the word requirements set out.

The Rockstar selection panel will personally review each application that is submitted on a rolling basis. We will contact you by e-mail if you are selected for an interview to arrange a suitable date and time (the interview will take place over Skype, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are). The earlier you apply, the better you can prepare for the summer program and make appropriate arrangements if you are selected. As applications are rolling, it is in your best interest to apply sooner rather than later.

Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Application Submission Instructions

If you’re ready to apply, fill out the basic information form below and upload your application. Applications must include both the uploaded file and the completed basic information form. Applications missing either portion will not be accepted. If your application is over 1 MB, use a software such as Google Picasa to convert your photos to a reasonable size.

Applications over 1 MB are blocked from being uploaded. Please submit your application only once. Due to the expected high number of applicants, please do not e-mail your application to a Love Systems, Sports Food or Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy employee for submission. You must submit your application through the website for consideration.

Project Rockstar 2018 Application Form

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