There’s something special that happens when a group of individuals
annually come together with the purpose of promoting
self-development and giving back to the community.

Project Rockstar is not a profit driven program.

That means we aren’t doing it for the money. Upfront costs are primarily used to cover Rockstar/instructor flights, accommodations, marketing expenses, and to maintain our digital presence.

Project Rockstar is a not a profit driven program though we do pool funds to secure the best deals for flights, accommodations, and for operations. The upfront collection is $20,000 per person. Additionally, the Rockstars will be responsible for the cost of their own day-to-day expenses (i.e. food, clothes, drinks, etc…). Rockstars are to find their own way to Las Vegas at the start, and from Stockholm after the program concludes.

The total cost to participate in Project Rockstar may be significant, but the time and services offered from the instructors, mentors, and support staff is worth an estimated $200,000 in professional services. Their various services are offered to the Rockstars free of To give a sense, here’s a breakdown of what the tangible costs of Project Rockstar would be if the program were charging for the professional services of the sponsors involved.

TOTAL 1-on-1br active hours
br 1-on-1 hourly rate
COst of 1-on-1br instruction
Love systemsbr 10-day bootcamp
br specialty Seminars
Lifestylebr entrepreneurs academy
Business mentorbr Roundtables
Sports food programbr & supplements
Fashion specialistbr makeover
= $200,000 +
Non-subsidized PRoject rockstar cost

So if it’s not for the money then why do we do it?

First is the community. There’s something very special about bringing together a group of highly motivated people who are dedicated towards getting the absolute most they can out of life. Project Rockstar represents a unique coming together of outliers – individuals who have achieved or are on the path to achieving remarkable things in their lives. And as each years’ class of Rockstar is layered onto the expansive alumni network, the collective influence of the Project Rockstar network increases exponentially. br Rockstar alumni and instructors around the world currently live together, travel the world together, have started a multitude of businesses together, and continually support each other during the endless pursuit of living the fullest life possible. The network is a family in every sense of the word. So much good has been created for the world within the Project Rockstar network, and the intangible benefits are nothing short of remarkable.

Second, for the instructors, business mentors, alumni, and support staff involved each year, Project Rockstar is a completely transformative experience, year after year. Deep levels of self-discovery and self-improvement, an emotional and spiritual awakening, business mastermind roundtables with industry leaders, overcoming lifelong obstacles from the past, traveling to the summer’s most intriguing places across continents, all done with a collection of some of the world’s most interesting and driven individuals. br It’s a life-changing summer every summer, and we cherish every second of it. It’s no wonder over 70% of the previous year’s alumni traditionally return the following year to soak in the environment and help the new Rockstars reach their greatest potential. Ultimately, while Project Rockstar is not profit driven, it is extremely rewarding for everyone that gets to take part in it. The memories created, friendships forged, and opportunities presented last for a lifetime.