Project Rockstar 2017 will take place in…


Las Vegas (USA)

Project Rockstar will formally kick off in Las Vegas. There is no better place to break in the program and carry out the initial hard yards of deep self-development.

On the Lifestyle front, Las Vegas will be the kickoff point for the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy curriculum. The Rockstars will be trained intensively by Jesse Krieger on what it takes to build an entrepreneurial venture around the concept of lifestyle design. Jesse will intensely work with each of the Rockstars on a group and individual basis to flesh out business ideas and launch the initial stages of their entrepreneurial visions.brThe Rockstars will also be taking part in regular team building activities designed to bond the group and build a truly powerful unit. Activities include skydiving, bungee jumping, motorcycle riding, private plane dog fighting, and more. Throughout their time in Vegas, the Rockstars will face and conquer fear in a multitude of ways, while laying the foundations for a network of lifelong friendships.brYou will be put through the gauntlet of the critically acclaimed Simplified Natural curriculum during a special Rockstar edition of the Love Systems 10-day bootcamp led by Venture and Sterling. The focus of Las Vegas is to develop the best foundational fundamentals of being naturally attractive. That means no lines, no routines, no gimmicks – just learning how to be an overall badass that attractive women naturally want to be around.

To further cement the group, the Rockstars and select instructors will all be living together in a 1-acre luxury mansion. Last year’s mansion was equipped with a private hot tub and full size swimming pool, a pool table, and poker table, with custom floor to ceiling wall paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra.brOn the Game front, the Rockstars are put through the gauntlet of the Simplified Natural curriculum during a special 10-day bootcamp led by Love Systems coaches Venture and Sterling. The focus of Las Vegas is to develop the best foundational fundamentals of being naturally attractive. That means no lines, no routines, no gimmicks – just learning about being a cool guy and how to communicate the best parts of yourself.brThe Simplified Natural curriculum will be supported by a roster of over 15 Love Systems instructors and a team of over 25 full-time or guest Project Rockstar alumni. Rockstars will have 24/7 support for their development. Additionally, alumni and guest instructors will be teaching a number of one-day seminars covering various areas of individual specialty.brVegas is one of the few places in the world where one can go out everyday like it’s a Saturday. The venues are world class, the people attractive, and there is a layer of raw energy and excitement which threads the environment. The Vegas atmosphere will serve as a catalyst and cornerstone in rediscovering and nurturing the raw masculinity in each Rockstar.

Beautiful people partying all day are a Las Vegas highlight, and dayclubs are firing at full speed every weekend throughout the summer. Catch a glimpse of Marquee Dayclub in full force.

Summer nights in Las Vegas spell XS Night Swim. The best of Vegas flocks to XS Nightclub at the Wynn every Sunday night as top-name resident DJs spin fresh beats.

Rockstar Roadtrip (TBD)

Coming off four hard weeks in Las Vegas, the Rockstars are given time to cement the lessons they’ve learned. The Rockstar Roadtrip is considered by many as the highlight of the summer, in which the guys have the opportunity to plan where they want to go amongst themselves for two weeks. During this time, the Rockstars will be put on a customized curriculum to help with the integration of their improved selves.

The Rockstar Roadtrip has been all around the world over the last decade. It’s not uncommon to visit multiple countries during the two weeks. A blend of city and ocean seems to be the winning formula. From calm beaches in northern Canada to all night raves in Berlin, it’s always a surprise where the guys decide to go. One thing is certain, the Rockstars go into the roadtrip as friends and come out as brothers.

Stockholm (Sweden)

Project Rockstar travels the world to new destinations each summer, but one thing is certain, we always come home to Sweden to finish it all off. Sweden houses some of the most beautiful people in the world and the nightlife is absolutely amazing in the summer. 20+ hours of sunlight is nice too.

At the start of Sweden, Project Rockstar brings in its dedicated fashion specialist to work intensively on a one-on-one basis with each of the Rockstars for a full fashion overhaul. Beyond mere assistance in shopping, the fundamentals and building blocks of high fashion are taught to the Rockstars. Each Rockstar is then provided with a bespoke style update custom matched to individual tastes and personalities. With our expertise, the Rockstar entourage will collect literally hundreds of fashion compliments by the end of the summer.brOn the Lifestyle front, Sweden will be the kick-off for the very special mastermind roundtable sessions. The business mentors will lead a series of private discussions to impart the insights and lessons they’ve collectively accumulated through a swatch of impressive careers, and even more impressive lives. These sessions serve as a catalyst to achieving the highest levels of achievement in various aspects of building a truly outlier lifestyle.brTo give a sense of the caliber of individuals assembled, here is a rundown of a few of last summer’s roundtables: We had an executive for a Fortune 500 tech company present a 4-day course on negotiation strategy and tactics from over a decade of closing multi-million dollar deals. A real estate developer responsible for the building of the most profitable commercial shopping center in the world gave a 3-day insiders course covering the insights accumulated over a career of successful investing.

An online advertiser spent an afternoon speaking about his journey towards becoming a millionaire and shared the life lessons he learned along the way. He also imparted wisdom he gained from the obstacles faced and shared the mindsets he adopted to springboard himself into the sphere of the ultra-wealthy.brAs the capstone for the Lifestyle mastermind roundtables, Project Rockstar hosted a roundtable discussion about the keys to mastering leadership, led by an ex-Green Beret special forces commander, one of the world’s most successful online advertisers, a multi-million dollar eCommerce business owner, and a former White House fellows and foreign affairs correspondent.brOn the Game front, the Rockstars continue to build towards being the best most naturally attractive version of themselves. A summer of constant focus on self-improvement begins paying off and the core principles of the Simplified Natural curriculum all start to come together. In line with this, the focus begins shifting towards having as much fun and building as many memories as possible. That means crazier parties, crazier after parties, and an explosive finish to the summer.brIt becomes commonplace for entire venues to grind to a halt when the Rockstar entourage pulls up. The group becomes the toast of any environment, the life of every party, and naturally attractive in every sense of the word. In the final weeks of Rockstar, previous classes have spent their time partying with cover models, famous DJs, and even Swedish royalty. The transformation will finally be complete.