Place yourself on the path to building a life fueled by passion
that is fundamentally on your own terms.

Redesign your lifestyle


entrepreneurs academy

A life fueled by passion and defined by complete freedom. Being able to whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. It’s a life that naturally attracts high-value people. It’s also a life many dream of but few achieve. Our goal over Project Rockstar is to make this life a reality for you.

We’ve brought in Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy, a business development program created by best-selling author and business mentor, Jesse Krieger. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy will guide you towards better understanding successful lifestyle design, namely ones defined by freedom and control – traits which fit perfectly with the Rockstar ideals.

Jesse Krieger has led a successful career as a serial entrepreneur, having started and sold 5 companies. He has designed a life which allows him to travel the world, while running his network of businesses from his laptop. With his personal guidance, you’ll better understand how to engineer a life that fits your goals.

Jesse will be working intensively with you and your fellow Rockstars on a one-on-one basis to define the lifestyle you are each seeking, while developing a plan, and providing the skill sets to achieve it. Even seasoned entrepreneurs will learn new insights on how to build or expand a successful business.

A word from Jessie Krieger

Roundtable Mastermind

You are the company you keep. So we place you front and center in the middle of one of the most powerful social circles you’ll ever meet. Special forces commanders, professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, multi-millionaires, and a host of other natural leaders. They will be hosting a series of mastermind roundtable discussions to completely reshape the way you think about approaching life. The roundtables provide insight into the minds of true outliers, and uncover the secrets of extreme success. In just the last couple years, the Project Rockstar roundtable discussions have been led by:

  • Best selling authors in the US and Asia
  • Executives for major blue chip tech companies like Yahoo and Amazon
  • Ex-special forces members:
    • - Green Beret commander
    • - Air Force drone pilot
    • - Marines captain
    • - Israeli Special Forces sniper captain
  • Off-shore financial structuring and tax specialists
  • Online advertising executives
  • Multi-million dollar eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • Large-scale real estate developers
  • White House fellows and correspondents

And many more. The guidance of the mentors will prove invaluable to helping you realize just what’s possible in life. Many of the mentors are Project Rockstar alumni themselves, and are dedicated towards helping you reach your full potential with regards to building the lifestyle you truly want.