Here’s what some of the previous years’ Rockstars have had to say
about their Project Rockstar experience…


Project Rockstar 2016

Andrew S.

“Rockstar is not for the weak or the faint of heart. It is for those who truly want to be the best they can be and get the most out of life. It is one of the most challenging things I have done in my life and the reward has been equally as great. It’s not about the women. It is 100% completely about you. It’s about how you are as a person, a friend, how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how much you love yourself, how much you love others and ultimately how you are as a man. Rockstar aims to change you at your core. The program will break you down and when you think you’ve been broken down enough, it will tear you down even further. It will point out all your good qualities as well as your deepest darkest flaws. No stone goes unturned on this program. If you are looking for an easy fix, then Rockstar is not for you. It is one of the hardest, and yet most fun things I have done in my life. It broke me down into tears multiple times while giving me memories for a lifetime and changing me into the man I only could have dreamed of.

If you are willing to give it your all, and be pushed harder than you ever have, and are willing to push yourself well past the point of comfort, then you will come out of the program not recognizing your previous self. You will be on the path to becoming the man you want to be. In 9 weeks, I broke so many limiting beliefs than I had in my entire lifetime. More than anything Rockstar has shown me what is possible. It has shown me that it is possible to have the life you want and be the man you want to be. If you are on the fence about Project Rockstar, do it. It will be the best decision of your life. Period.”

Edward R.

“There is more going on during the program than you can possibly process which facilitates growth even after the end if you continue down the path they set you on. For me there has been more growth in the 9 weeks since Rockstar than there was during the 9 weeks on Rockstar. For the others that I have been traveling with since Rockstar I would easily say the same about them. The time you will commit to the program is great and the cost of the program is high. The growth and change that I have experienced because of Project Rockstar make it worth all the costs and then some.

No other program in the world could possibly even come close to what you would gain through this. And the alumni network you become a part of will completely change your life just in itself. So, do I recommend Project Rockstar? You bet your ass I do! But only if you are willing to commit yourself to it fully and have enough drive to keep you going when it gets hard, because it will get hard. I never imagined living the life I am right now; I don’t think I knew something like this was even possible before coming on Rockstar. I am more fulfilled in life that I have ever been.”

Simon C.

“I’m writing this six weeks after the program ended. It is still hard to comprehend how much happened during this summer. I’ve learned so much, changed a lot, and it is still far from over. The focus [of Project Rockstar] lies on transforming us into the best masculine versions of ourselves we can be and the instructors did an amazing job in guiding us to get closer to this ultimate goal. Everyone came from different backgrounds and different starting points, yet everyone has made huge strides into becoming a better person.

After PR I can say I feel lighter. I feel like what others think of me doesn’t matter that much anymore. I know my worth, know what my goals are and that I can achieve them. It’s just a matter of being my best self and putting in the effort. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without PR, that’s for sure. I feel blessed I had the opportunity to take part in this life-changing program. It’s an experience that changed the course of my life by a lot, and it will only show more and more as I keep living a life fueled by rockstar! By far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!”

Thomas J.

“Rockstar is a 5-6 month journey to restart your life and set it on a journey to make it what you want out of it, to make you a better version of yourself, a more refined version. It’s still you at the core, but the exterior has been refined and chipped away to reveal the potential underneath. Rockstar was everything I thought it’d be and more. They really take and try to mold you into the best person you can be in a short 5-6 months.

At its heart, Rockstar really is about personal development and having options to live the life you want to live. It’s like a crash course on life. They take care of the easier fixes like physique and style, but they also tackle a lot of the harder things to fix like internal beliefs, self-worth and self-love. I was really surprised at the amount of time spent on inner issues. It’s developing yourself and being the best you. It’s also camaraderie. I feel closer to the Rockstars than I do to my own family than I even feel towards my own brother.

Someone asked me if I felt I’ve changed. I do and I don’t. I feel I’m the same person at the core, but I’m a truer version of myself. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. I feel that Rockstar pulled back all the layers of shit on me to get to a purer version of me. I feel Rockstar has aligned my exterior projection of myself to more of what I feel internally. I feel a truer version of myself has come out. If you get a chance to be on Rockstar, do it, it’s well worth the time, effort and expense. You won’t regret it.”

Khan A.

“Life changing experience. If you can go, you should go. It will change your life. Before rockstar I was overweight, ready to settle down and get married to a girl who I was not 100% sure about, had no one close to me who really knew me, and overall was immobilized by fear in many areas of my life. Today I feel more confident, more open, more authentic, and generally empowered to accomplish what I want in life. I've become closer with more people (old friends, new friends, family, and women) in the last 3 months post rockstar than maybe over the entire course of my life.

Rockstar changed my life. It has set me on a path of self improvement and discovery that I could not have even imagined prior to this event in my life. Throughout Rockstar and throughout the subsequent few months post rockstar I have examined and re-examined the choices I've made over the past 35 years of my life. Coming on Rockstar and then following through with the necessary changes to my life that included breaking up with my girlfriend and quitting my job are some of the scariest, most uncomfortable, and most liberating experiences of my life. I have close emotional bonds to people who I've only known a short while and the rest of my life is free from the shackles of a "normal" life. There are no guarantees in life. All I know is that I risked a life I wasn't happy with and was rewarded with the powers to build a life I couldn't even have dreamed of.”

Project Rockstar 2015

Deacon L.

“Project Rockstar is the experience of a lifetime, it has forever changed the quality and trajectory of my life! Sitting here writing this I am reflecting back on what has been the most incredible and rewarding year of my life! It was an intense journey of self discovery that helped me to redefine the expectations of myself. I gained so many positive reference experiences that there is just no way I could slip back into my old life. I have a renewed passion for life. I was always my biggest enemy coming into this but I conquered myself and came out on top.

Project Rockstar literally is a blueprint for going after your dreams and getting what you want out of life. It’s incredibly difficult to put into words just how special this programme is and I don’t think anyone will truly understand unless they experience it themselves. If you make it onto the programme and put in all the hard work that’s required, it won’t come easy but I can assure you the rewards and memories out the other end are for life and they far out way any of the sacrifices, expense and effort. So I encourage you to do everything and anything in your power to get accepted. Become your best self and never look back again!”

Hassan S.

“What can you say about something that changes you in every meaningful way possible? Words fall far short of being able to describe the magnitude and expansiveness of Project Rockstar. I could write a book and it still wouldn’t be enough. All I can tell you is that it is a journey of a lifetime. Before I was selected, I was lost, confused, frustrated, disenfranchised by the world, and unsure of what direction to go to make things better. I felt helpless. A few short months later and I now have a clear sense of purpose. I have a group of friends that I consider my brothers and access to a network that gives me the opportunity and resources to do anything I want. Project Rockstar truly lives up to its name and delivers on everything it promises.

With all the madness that occurs, I think sometimes it is easy to overlook the fact that during the day we were also getting some world class business and life training. We had the former head of mergers and acquisitions at Ebay give us a week long training on business politics and negotiation. We had a serial entrepreneur teach us the model and methods he uses to create a lifestyle business that we can run from our laptop. We had a professional life coach teach us how to accept ourselves for who we are and build our confidence. We had a former Special Forces commando give us a talk on leadership. We had talks on finding tax breaks, the efficient frontier, online marketing, building websites, fashion countless other subjects. All this in addition to being taught game from the world’s best. Only Rockstar can deliver something like that, and I am so grateful.”

Andrew M.

“Before rockstar, I knew my life was not what I want it to be and I always thought there must be something better. I knew I am smart and driven but I felt like I had so much more potential that I wasn’t clicking into. I felt like if I had the right mentors and people in my life to guide me in the right direction then I could really tap into my potential and get on a better path. The program met all of my expectations and did so much more for me than I ever expected. I learned things I didn’t know I was going to learn which I will use for the rest of my life as I continue to grow and pave the path towards the incredible life I have no doubt I am going to live.

After going through rockstar I can say and truly believe that I am an amazing person who has value. I am a much happier person who has a positive outlook on life and I am confident in what I am doing and in my beliefs of what I am capable to do. The best word to describe how I feel since the end of rockstar is liberated. I feel liberated from the shackles and bull shit that I had allowed to imprison me.”

Mike N.

“The purpose of Rockstar is to become the man you have always wanted to be. That has a different definition for everyone, but getting accepted into Project Rockstar will be the single most effective thing that you can do in order to get there. The complete immersion of Rockstar allowed me to fully undergo an identity shift from the guy I told myself I was towards becoming who I really want to be.The most remarkable thing about all of this, though? I know I will become successful in whatever I decide to do, but I also know that there will be a whole crew of Rockstars who are on their own similar path. These are the guys that that I have more crazy stories with than I do with friends I’ve had for years.

So if you want to be a Rockstar take my advice from the beginning of this review. Commit fully to doing absolutely everything in your power to get accepted. Read the website, the journals, and the reviews to figure out what you need to do to give yourself the best chance of getting in. Then, start taking that action immediately. Don’t over complicate it. Just do it. I guarantee you will not regret it.”

Julius M.

“I have to say that Project Rockstar was one of the hardest things I’ve done in life… but with each passing month upon returning home, I am starting to realize it may be the single best thing I’ve done. Besides the fact my life is full of women, which is clearly the secondary point to the program, I’m smiling all the time. I have never been happier. I now know who I truly am. I actually love myself fully, and this is something I discovered I wasn’t doing before. If only for that, then this program is so worth it. But it is so much more.

It is about personal development. As one alumnus I met at super Conference prior to applying said, “There is life before rockstar and life after rockstar.” I definitely know now what he meant. I want to thank Sterling, Vici, Vybe, Alswede, Venture, Huzefa, Jasper, and Scumbadger. I hope they all go to bed every night feeling extremely fulfilled. They transform lives every summer. They go out of their way to coach us throughout this rigorous program, giving up their summers. I know they are proud of the really special work that they do. I feel so privileged to have gone through this program under their guidance. My life is forever enriched for it.“

Project Rockstar 2014

Keith D.

“In my life, it has been extremely rare for me to have high expectations and have them met. Almost always, reality never quite lives up to what is pictured in my mind's eye. Rockstar not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I grew more personally in the nine weeks of Rockstar than I had in any other period of my life... by far. There was such a transformation, that sometimes it is hard for me to remember that I did not always feel and think like I do now. My perspective on so many things has changed. It is like my entire life received an upgrade.

The environment of Rockstar is a truly powerful thing. Throughout the program everyone becomes closer and closer. Everyone becomes comfortable being who they really are and talking about who they want to be. Project Rockstar is an amazing program and my life has been enriched exponentially by participating in it. I have made friends for life and received a jumpstart down the path to becoming the man that I want to be.”

Robert M.

“Rockstar is one of a kind. Nothing else exists like it. When you step back and look at it, that a bunch of guys will get together over a summer and party like kings to get better as people. It sounds ridiculous. But its real. It will teach you all the shit you should learn in the process of becoming the man that you should be. Rockstar will force you to become a better version of yourself in every single way. But most of all it will give you a brotherhood to carry with you throughout your life.

If you think you are a good fit to the program, if you’re going for the right reasons and you have something you can give, then do whatever it takes to get on it. Lose your job, spend all of your money, sell a kidney on the black-market. Just do it and get there. It will change your life. It is worth it a hundred fold, and I am so fucking blessed to have been able to participate. Rockstar I give you 5/5 stars.”

Paul A.

“Project Rockstar was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and knowing what I know now, I would pay multiples of the cost. I went to an Ivy League university and top five MBA program, both of which were amazing experiences, but the amount of personal growth, life-changing insights and lifelong friendships I earned in Rockstar exceeded either one of them despite being a fraction of the time and cost.

If you hunger for more out of your life, if you yearn to be able to face your greatest fears, if you desire happiness and want to appreciate the amazing abundance life has to offer, apply to this program no matter what limiting beliefs you have and no matter what your financial situation is. As long as you commit to doing the hard work needed to get the results, you will never regret it.”

Jimmy D.

“Do your life a favor. Apply to Project Rockstar. When people ask me many years from now, “What’s a pivotal moment in your life?” or “When did this all take off?” I undoubtedly will have to say the summer of 2014, PR2014. To put it bluntly, it’s my utmost belief that everything magical that I’ll accomplish in the story of my life hereafter will have a footnote credit to this program. I sincerely believe that. I’ll go as far as saying, without Project Rockstar I would not have been able to achieve a fraction of what I will in my lifetime.

I discovered and smashed through my comfort zone with girls and in life. My confidence is rock solid. I have cultivated a sincere love of women, an open mind and taste for different cultures, people, environments, music, styles, countries, activities. I have a strong yearning to live the shit out of my life. You can’t put a price on that. Once again, do everything and anything to get onto this program. Time wise, money wise, career wise, family wise, health wise, relationship wise, what ever wise. Pour your heart into the application. Spare no expense, hour of sleep, day of research, miles traveled to get onto this program. Words fail to describe Project Rockstar.”

James M.

“I will never forget that moment when I arrived in Vegas and started meeting the guys, when the visions of what it could be like started to materialize into a reality. Up until then I thought I had pretty much seen it all, travelled extensively around all continents on the planet, been a professional snowboarder, and summited the world’s highest peaks… I could go on forever. But this experience was something different, I challenged myself in ways I had never come close to before, I put every drop of energy within my being into becoming a better man.

And I exceled far beyond my expectations. So was it worth it? You literally can’t put a price on that kind of experience and growth (and awesome fucking fun)! I would do it over and over. This program is the real deal. It exceeded my expectations… and this is only the beginning. A springboard into a new lifestyle that I doubt I would ever have chased after had I not been on this. And aside from all this, aside from the ridiculous growth in fitness, lifestyle, game, finding your inner masculinity, aside from everything… the greatest thing about project rockstar is, by far, the friends you make. You have inspired me in so many ways and seeing the changes in some of you has only pushed me to go even further. To the guys who made this program possible, I can’t thank you enough for making the dream a reality.”

Project Rockstar 2013

Matan A.

“Saying that Rockstar changed my life sounds like a cliche, but that's exactly what happened. In many ways, these 9 weeks were the best of my life. There's nothing in the world similar to project Rockstar. Even the most prestigious universities in the world cannot give you the amount of social skills and network we gained in only two months. Thanks for the best summer of my life.”

Philip B.

“During our interview for Rockstar, Andrew told me that Rockstar will redefine what I thought I was able to do in life, and he was totally right. There's only one caveat I can think about: Your life expectations and standards will raise so much after Rockstar that for most of us, there's no coming back. You won't be able to come back to your old life, job or relationships without feeling unfulfilled.”

Dougie B.

“In retrospect, it doesn't feel like this summer was real in some ways. Rockstar was well-worth it for me. It saved me from living a life that I didn't want. I made some amazing friends, had some great [experiences] from all over the world, and discovered a life that I didn't think was possible.”

Jennings A.

“Project Rockstar is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Bottom line: improved my confidence immensely, improved my confidence dealing with people, am able to relate to men and women more easily, sparked a warm passionate side of me that hadn't come out often previously, and made some friendships with top-rate people that will last probably a lifetime, and formed bonds that will last hopefully years to come. It's been worth every penny, and worth the time away from work. As a result of Project Rockstar, my future unborn children will be more attractive, more socially adjusted, more successful. Best 9 weeks I've ever spent.”

Noor H.

“Rockstar has been a world shattering experience for me. I learned so many things about myself this summer. I want to say one thing that is absolutely sincere: I will put Project Rockstar up against any prestigious program in the world. Whether it's the Harvard MBA program, John Hopkins medicine, or Yale law, Rockstar is more valuable and life-changing than all of them combined. It gives you something that you can't find anywhere else. It has been a deeply emotional ride. I have learned so much about myself and am utterly grateful for the experience. This was the best goddamn summer of my life. I will remember it always.”

Ehren K.

“I haven’t had an experience like this… ever. For those of you reading this, you can take it from me, Rockstar is the place for you to take your life to the next level. Change can happen. The Project Rockstar experience was incredible and something that I will cherish in my life forever. I faced my fears, leaned into my edge, pushed my limits, and experienced things I never thought possible for myself. I grew, I changed, and I developed as a person.”

Mike P.

“Participating in Project Rockstar was easily one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. If you’re considering rockstar, all I can say is: do it. Do what you have to do financially, job-wise, time-wise, or otherwise to make it happen. Put a shit ton of effort into the application to have a decent shot of getting in. It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do and it’s worth every bit of time and money. There’s simply no alternative way to get the transformative learnings in game, lifestyle and fitness that you will gain through this program.”

Project Rockstar 2012

Henry R.

“The Rockstar program is an all encompassing one that drives you toward excellence in every single part of your life. The awesome thing about Rockstar is that the people involved all have a burning desire for this excellence and will do anything it takes to achieve their goals. Being in this environment for two months solid of pushing your comfort zones and your physical and mental limits is intensely stimulating in every way. Rockstar is a truly joyous experience because you are essentially living life in the way you always dreamed. But on Rockstar we don't just dream, we go out and do it every day. Every hour of your day on Rockstar is driven towards self improvement whether it be in game, physically or financially. Going back to 'normal' life I've carried with me this Rockstar mentality and I hate to waste a single minute of the day. I am driven to make the most of every day and this is testament to the Rockstar program and the people on it that have inspired me.”

Dogg A.

“ When I showed up at project Rockstar I was a mess.
I was in many ways a broken man headed towards a life of loneliness and despair. Now, I feel like I can do anything.This journey has provided me with the opportunity to be the man that I always envisioned. The transformation that I undertook was something that I almost didn't believe was possible. I'll admit that I had very high expectations for this program and I am thrilled to say that all of those expectations were completely blown away.

Every limiting believe that I once had has been completely shattered. Every obstacle that held me back has been eliminated. Every curse has been lifted. Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to not only be around some of the coolest people on the face of the planet, but I am also very privileged to now be able to call them my friends. This journey was about finding myself. It was about finally being the man that I always imagined I could be when I was just a badass little kid searching for something more. My entire reality has shifted. My entire view of what is possible in this world has changed.”

Chris M.

“Fundamentally, it’s pretty simple: If you want to build yourself into a passionate, wealthy, masculine, and otherwise attractive man with an amazing network of friends around the world, then I can vouch that completing Project Rockstar is by far the quickest way to getting on the right path. It is really the only comprehensive lifestyle transformation program of its kind, and has undoubtedly changed my life forever, as I’m sure it will yours if you are lucky enough to be a part of it. Project Rockstar gives you all the tools and more, but you need to dedicate yourself to earning the amazing life you’ve only dreamed about. The great thing is that you will be armed and ready to kick life’s ass by the end of the program as long as you show up and give it your full commitment.”

John M.

“Any limiting belief I had about life was definitely shattered over the course of rockstar. We shattered our fears in many different ways. We lived on little sleep and pushed ourselves in the gym as often as possible. We lived in luxury hotels, ate at some of the best restaurants and partied like crazy in VIP areas. Project Rockstar is about creating a lifestyle that is attractive and how to convey that in the best possible way. I met and hooked up with some of the hottest, most amazing girls I have ever seen. But in the end the girls don’t matter one bit. Project Rockstar is about creating life long friendships with the coolest guys on the planet.”

Charles J.

“Rockstar was without a doubt the best nine weeks of my life. I was telling a friend of mine the experiences my fellow rock stars and I had on the program without telling him I was on a program, merely on an awesome trip with some buddies. After I got halfway through he looked at me and said “holy shit dude, you guys were living like rock stars!” He was right. During those nine weeks the things that went down were just so out of the ordinary for most people that they can only be described as legendary.

For those of you who aspire to try and have a truly outlier life than this is the program for you. The things that the instructors taught me literally shifted the way I view life and myself. They helped me get closer to my ideal self. If you sign up next year and are lucky enough to become a part of the program then they will transform your life as well. Once they do, there is no going back.”

Brandon D.

“At the end of the day, Rockstar smashed barriers for many of the participants and put them in a place they could have never imagined. For me, it led me ¾ of the way down that path and gave me the toolset and people I need to finish the journey. Now that my path is on a different trajectory altogether from where it was 4 months ago, I'm more than positive that in 20 years my position will be wildly different than where it would have been without Rockstar. And I came away from the program with a worldwide network of badass friends.”

James T.

“Its hard to remember the person I used to be. It feels like I have been the way I am now forever but that isn’t the case. One of the instructors told me it will be hard to remember your old self after the program and you will act and feel as if you have been this way forever and they were totally right.

I feel like I am in a new reality after doing project rockstar, some of my beliefs I held for my whole life about the world and about girls were proven to be totally false. Its weird because I was so convinced that they were true and I was living as if they were facts, its not until I tested them during the 9 week program that I realized they were false. I have learnt more about myself in 9 weeks than I ever have.”

Smitter S.

“Thank you for the inspirational seminars .. you have literally changed my perspective on things and helped me define/redefine my goals and ambitions. We hungout at some of the best destinations in the world, in the best hotels, going to the best clubs, eating at the best restaurants, doing comedy performances, surfing in ice cold waters, jumping out of planes, going on roadtrips. We literally had a blast every day of the week for 10 weeks.

Fellow rockstars - I love each and everyone of them..they are the most diverse and talented bunch of people ive met and they are some of the closest people in my life now. Love you guys. Thank you for all involved in PR 2012 for helping me change my life.”

Project Rockstar 2011

Rouge P.

“I have changed my life direction and focus as a result of PRS.The Rockstar Program is amazing and has changed my perception and life direction. It is very hard to put a price on the value of such a course.”

Alpine N.

“I cannot say enough good things about Project Rockstar. It's a life-changing program in so many ways. I came into PRS with a lot of limiting beliefs and through PRS, I was able to every single day break through those limiting beliefs, and replace them with new and much more powerful beliefs. I now have the tools and the know-how to break through limiting beliefs in every aspect of my life. I have also built very special friendships that will last me my entire life with an amazing group of guys. These are guys that I know will support me and I will support as we each strive to become better and successful people.”

Adam D.

“I came into Project Rockstar expecting a lot. I’m excited to say that Project Rockstar truly met my expectations. I’ll always remember Project Rockstar as the time when I learned how to more effectively conquer my fears. While I’ve pushed myself through fears in the past, I always just accepted it as a long drawn-out process that could take months or years. What I learned in Project Rockstar, however, is that I could conquer even my greatest of fears in only seven weeks’ time with the right tutelage. Looking back, there’s no telling what I could have accomplished without the help of Project Rockstar. However, I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without it. Project Rockstar changed my life and I will forever be thankful.”