The Program Overview

“Project Rockstar is running in its twelth year now, and each year, a handful of fortunate participants are selected to be part of the most comprehensive life transformation program ever created. The program is built on the foundations of Lifestyle, Game, and Fitness.

The Lifestyle component is the first big piece of Project Rockstar.

Put simply, we place you on a path to building a life that most only dream of. A big part about building such a life is bearing witness to what’s possible, and we do exactly that for you on Project Rockstar. You will meet more people during your 10 weeks on Project Rockstar who are living truly outlier lives than one typically would in a lifetime.

The first part of the Lifestyle component is sponsored by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy, based on the best-selling book, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and led by author and business mentor, Jesse Krieger. Jesse has put together a program that guides entrepreneurs through the initial hard yards of building a business that fits into various types of lifestyle design. We have him on board to work directly with the Rockstars to launch business ideas that they’ll begin to develop over the summer. Even seasoned entrepreneurs will learn new angles about how to build or expand a successful business. Many of the Project Rockstar alumni have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Their collective knowledge serves as an ongoing resource to the Project Rockstar network.

The second part of the Lifestyle component is also very special. We’ve assembled a powerful team of independently successful business mentors who will share their insights to achieving the highest levels of success, during a series of roundtable mastermind discussions. In just the last couple years we’ve hosted our roundtables with mentors spanning multiple best selling authors, executives for major blue chip tech companies like Yahoo and Amazon, ex-special forces alumni (a Green Beret commander, an Air Force drone pilot, a Marines captain, and an Israeli Special Forces sniper captain), off-shore financial structuring and tax specialists, advertising executives, eCommerce entrepreneurs, large-scale real estate developers, White House correspondents, and many more.

The Game component is arguably the most impactful aspect of Project Rockstar and is sponsored by Love Systems.

You will learn how to be naturally attractive and discover a part of your inner strength you never knew existed. This includes stripping your limiting beliefs, reworking your fundamental thought patterns, and completely updating your core identity. The end result is a more confident, more masculine, more desirable version of you.

Rockstars will develop and learn to bring out the best, most naturally attractive parts of themselves under the 24/7 guidance and support of live-in Love Systems instructors over the course of the summer. Game is taught through the vehicle of the Simplified Natural curriculum developed by coaches Venture and Sterling. Simplified Natural is an approach towards sharpening social skills that is predicated on genuineness, masculinity, and being an overall cool guy.

The Simplified Natural curriculum has made a big splash over the last few years (check out reviews of Simplified Natural from previous years’ Rockstars and the Q&A about Simplified Natural in the Resources section on the Home Page). Through the Game component, Rockstars will build character, discover a greater sense of self, and redefine internal concepts of masculinity in a way that is naturally and permanently attractive to others.

The Fitness component gets the Rockstars in the absolute best shape of their lives and is sponsored by Sports Food.

The guys at Sports Food have designed a customized diet and exercise regimen for the 12 weeks leading up to the kickoff date for Project Rockstar 2015. It’s all inclusive and consists of a customized diet and nutrition plan, supplementation regimen, and weight-training & cardio workout program. Sports Food will be tracking the individual progress of each Rockstar on a daily basis and making any individualized adjustments necessary.

Those who have always struggled with their weight will lose upwards of 20 pounds of fat. Those that have had trouble putting on muscle will gain nearly 20 pounds of mass. Almost everyone will come into the summer under 10% bodyfat. And by the end, the Rockstars will be equipped with the knowlegde and tools to permanently stay in fitness model shape. A big part of being your best self is being in topnotch shape, and it’s safe to say that under the care of Sports Food, the guys accepted onto Project Rockstar will be stepping into summer in the best shape of their lives.

We’re extraordinarily proud of the program we’ve put together and have seen year-in year-out the profound effects it has on everyone involved. We’re all invariably changed for the better each year because of Project Rockstar – instructors, alumni, mentors and support staff alike – and couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of having another go at it this year. With each years’ group of Rockstar participants, a unique bond is forged, based on a lifetime’s worth of transformative experiences and growth taking place in such a condensed period of time.

At the start of Project Rockstar each year, we tell the Rockstars that they will not be able to recognize themselves by the end of the program. Truer words could not have been spoken. During your time as a Rockstar, you’ll live with us, party with us, and grow with us. If you’re selected, your life will be forever changed. Hundreds apply each year but only a fortunate few are accepted. We look forward to going through the applications and meeting you guys over the coming months. For those that are chosen, this summer will be nothing short of lifechanging.”