The Journey

Project Rockstar will take place in…


Las Vegas (USA)

Project Rockstar will take place in Las Vegas. There is no better place in the world for this journey of deep self-development.

The first couple days of Project Rockstar are a whirldwind. You land in Las Vegas after months of anticipated buildup and come together at the mansion for the very first time. As the gates to the Rockstar mansion open you’re met by 15 fellow Rockstars, the full instructor team, and many alumni. After months of applications, interviewing, and a grueling fitness program, your journey is about to begin.brThe rockstar curriculum is the byproduct of 10 years of intense research and development. The program prides itself on hitting the ground running. Within the first week you’re pulling 14 hour days in seminar and nights out. The first stretch of the curriculum is focused on inner game. We dive deep into the foundational beliefs structures, thought patterns and habits that have been holding you back. The work goes DEEP. You will undoubtedly learn more about yourself in weeks than you have in years. brIt’s this very foundation that creates the opportunity for permanent, lasting change. You gradually start to realize that the man you want to be already exists within. And as the class uncovers this together it becomes clear that we are all actually quite similar. This is one of the many core realizations that set the results of Project Rockstar apart from any other self-development program.brAs the days go by you also take part in team building activities designed to bond the group and build a truly powerful unit. The activities have been carefully curated over 13 years of Project Rockstar and are run by specialists brought in from around the world. We also build in activities designed to overcome fear and limiting belief. As a Rockstar you will face and overcome fear in a multitude of ways, while laying the foundations for a network of lifelong friendships. br

The second stretch of the program is focused on outer game and lifestyle design. You will be put through the gauntlet of the critically acclaimed 10-day bootcamp led by Andrew Sterling. The focus of the 10-day is to develop the best foundational fundamentals of being naturally attractive. That means no lines, no routines, no gimmicks – just learning how to be an overall amazing man that attractive women naturally want to be around.brVegas is one of the few places in the world you can go out everyday like it’s a Saturday. You’ll spend each night of the outer game segment going out and integrating the many principles learned to build the dating and social life of your dreams. The day time is filled with seminars, workshops and exercises that reinforce the lessons even more. Then after each night we run a technical debrief and make adjustments as needed to help you progress the absolute fastest.brIt’s a challenging journey but it comes together quickly. Within a matter of weeks you’re completely comfortable in social environments. You’re able to strike up conversation with anyone and build attraction and interest with women smoothly and naturally. You start having more fun each night than you’ve ever had in your entire life, and as the momentum and progress builds it starts to feel surreal how quickly you are growing and developing. That’s the magic of Rockstar and the environment we build.brTo cap everything off we run the Executive Business Seminar which gives you the opportunity to lay the foundation for a completely new life, one defined by flexibility and control. And as the program comes into its final weeks you start to realize the magnitude of what you’ve achieved: the dating life you always knew you were capable of, a social circle that truly feels like home, and limitless possibilities for a new future.

You’ll spend each night of the outer game segment going out and integrating the many principles learned to build the dating and social life of your dreams. Catch a glimpse of Marquee Dayclub here.

Vegas is one of the few places in the world you can go out everyday like it’s a Saturday. And by the end of Project Rockstar you'll be completely comfortable in any social environment you can think of.

Advanced Integration Retreat (TBD)

After the 6.5 week Rockstar program wraps up in Vegas the Rockstars will have the rest of the year to continue integrating the work before the optional Advanced Integration Retreat. The retreat will take place in a class-voted travel location the week of New Year’s Eve to ring in 2021 in a big way. This will be your opportunity to further deepen and solidify the learnings you had on Rockstar into your regular everyday life as you keep your trajectory going forward full speed.

During this weeklong retreat we will dive further into advanced game and lifestyle topics, set goals, and create a plan so that each Rockstar absolutely maximizes the upcoming year. We will then setup accountability and commitments amongst the group so that you stay on track. It’s a truly inspiring coming together when you see how far you and everyone have come, and a special feeling knowing you have so much ongoing support for the journey ahead.