Become a naturally attractive man with passion and purpose
who is in complete control of his relationship and dating life.

Build lasting masculinity

The Game component will permanently change your dating life.
Selected Rockstars will live with each other and amongst Project Rockstar instructors for the duration of the program. They will spend their days and nights learning and integrating the many inner and outer game principles that make up a naturally attractive man in today’s ever-changing dating scene.

Our Simplified Natural curriculum guides you on the path to rediscovering your masculinity and teaching you every aspect of how to excel in all social situations in a natural and genuine way. The concept of being naturally attractive is taught with a method that builds upon a foundation of emotional openness, having fun, and being an overall sociable guy.

With Simplified Natural, you can expect to rediscover how it truly feels to be a man. This is based on the principal that being the most naturally attractive version of yourself is predicated on living a life fueled by passion and having a developed sense of masculinity. Getting these two cylinders firing at full speed is one of the main objectives of the summer.

Simplified Natural is only offered on each year’s Project Rockstar and the bi-annual 10-day bootcamps held in New York and Las Vegas. The results are unprecedented and the reviews of the Simplified Natural curriculum from past Rockstars and 10-day graduates speak for themselves.

We’ve assembled a dream team of Project Rockstar instructors led by Andrew Sterling. Our full-time team of instructors have over 30 years of combined experience helping men all over the world transform into the best, most masculine version of themselves. The instructors are supported by 30+ returning and visiting alumni during the program. The Project Rockstar instructors and alumni provide 24/7 support and guidance during the summer and lifetime ongoing support after graduation.

Instruction time will be split between a blend of seminars, workshops, debriefs, activities and nights out. You’ll spend the long days and late nights diving deep into the principles of transformation over the many weeks of Rockstar. There’s no turning back – the intense and extended immersion ensures permanence for the many changes you undergo. It’s a challenging road but the initial results come quickly. And over the course of the summer, you’ll finally begin living the dating life you’ve always felt would one day be a possibility.