Adam P.

Andrew and Alex’s approach to this program is a leap forward from what anyone is doing. Not only do they supply you with EVERYTHING you need in terms of tactics and “outer game”, but, more importantly, they attack and improve every other aspect of your life and inner beliefs that ultimately manifests into more effortless social skills.


It’s been almost two weeks since the end of our 10 Day with Andrew (Sterling), Alex, Tanner, Blake, and Sasha and I am ecstatic. For background and context, I read “The Game” in college 13 years ago. From there I poured over material and took a 1-on-1 with a Mystery Method Instructor that gave me a short boost but had no real lasting impact. Out of frustration, I signed up for yet another 1-on-1 (3 days) for a more “premier” instructor. In the short term following that I had some success, but it was again routines based and had no lasting impact. Finally, I took a 12 month long course that included two 3-day bootcamps and phone calls, and again had a little success but no permanent impact. Fast forward a 4-year relationship and then 3 years spent overseas and I found myself extremely frustrated almost thinking that success in this part of my life was just never going to happen. I had some cash saved up determined to make a stronger effort and did my research.

For the price tag of this course, you can take 4 bootcamps from RSD and get no where near the value. 2 weeks later I am just as confident in my direction and relieved of the stress, worry, and fear that I was never going to get this area of my life handled. Andrew and Alex’s approach to this program is a leap forward from what anyone is doing. Not only do they supply you with EVERYTHING you need in terms of tactics and “outer game”, but, more importantly, they attack and improve every other aspect of your life and inner beliefs that ultimately manifests into more effortless social skills.

Starting off on day 1, the instructors and other students all introduced themselves. Having a group to bond with and grow with is a massive advantage that you can’t get during multiple, short, 3-day bootcamps. These guys over the course of the next 10 days would help me grow in ways I couldn’t fathom as well as be a group of friends that I’m closer with in many ways than some of my best lifelong friends. From there, Andrew, Alex, Blake, and Tanner led us through some simple, easy, and effective exercises with only enough lecture on “outer game” to make us dangerous. One of the core backbones of the Simplified Natural (or Game 3.0) is the idea that no amount of memorizing lines will ever be effective. Even guys that use “routines” are really only good once they’ve gone out so much that their brain adapts and learns to be spontaneous in addition to the routines. The Simplified Natural curriculum cuts down this learning curve dramatically. Rather than learning routines, you learn ways to train my brain to be spontaneous. It’s more congruent, it’s WAY more fun, and you will never have to worry about running out of things to say.

My personal demon coming into this program was that I could never overcome my approach anxiety without alcohol. This was crippling because not only was getting drunk expensive, but it made me sloppy, and the next day I could rarely remember anything I’ve learned. During this program, I not only learned that alcohol isn’t required, I’ve learned that its MORE FUN once I could get over AA without it….and Andrew and Alex helped me do just that. When I signed up for the program, my only REAL goal was to be able to overcome AA without alcohol. I knew that if I could do that and have fun going out, that I would just continue to go out, and that if I continued to go out a approach, my other sticking points would eventually fix themselves. Friday night at the club resulted in some of the better approaches I’ve had, ESPECIALLY since they were all sober. Even ended up meeting up with a girl the next morning for breakfast before Day 2’s seminar.

Day 2 flushed out more of the Simplified Natural outer game concepts to build upon the previous day. The way the instructors have structure the program is brilliant because they intentionally hold back concepts initially to force you to work on the basics first and not get overloaded with information. Going out Saturday night was even more fun, albeit I struggled in set at first, I ended up having a good connection and makeout with a really attractive girl (she left to go do cocaine and I wasn’t keen on following).

Day 3 we really started to dive in inner game a bit much, and this was fleshed out deeper and deeper throughout days 4-8. During the bulk of the week we really focused on breaking social conditional, understanding evolutionary conditioning, and all of the core concepts of Simplified Natural. Andrew and Alex attack these deeply rooted beliefs in numerous ways ranging from intense breathing exercises, various meditations (not your standard mediations-that would be too easy), and extreme exercises that really require an exercise in realizing where your mind is at, how to work WITH it (not against it). Admittedly I was a bit skeptical at first, but by midweek I was beginning to see how everything translated to the outside world and the results just one weekend later were eye-opening.

Day 8, we wrapped up the inner game concepts and came full circle to filing in some outer game gaps before going out. Going out Friday has got to be one of the most fun I’ve ever had yet and it was again SOBER. The first club we went I just started approaching, getting the legs moving and just putting in the time. From an objective standpoint, one could say things weren’t going the greatest but A) I was talking to girls without alcohol, and B) I was having a blast doing it. After that we bounced as a group to another club. I met Blake inside and I explicitly remember him encouraging me to just keep going. Outside I saw 2 extremely attractive girls sitting down on the rooftop with one of their legs on a spare chair. I walked over to them, asked them if anyone was using their chair, and when they said “No” I simply sat down with a grin on my face. It was only at that moment that I realized the blonde was a smoke show and totally my type. Instead of getting in my head or needing alcohol to get rid of my filter, I was having so much fun that I was able to carry on a conversation with her. Fast forwarding all the details, I ended up pulling her no more than 30-45 minutes later for pizza and then back to my room. All seemingly effortless, no “last minute resistance”, just both of us having an amazing time.

Saturday and Sunday focused on integrating everything back into our lives when we returned “back to reality”. Everything from nutritional, to exercises and a program were covered to insure that we would all continue to grow and have more success. Saturday out as a group was once again epic in details I won’t go into at length here. The takeaway for me from this entire experience is that the correct approach to game with the correct underlying principles taught in the SN leave me with no doubts on my way forward.

10 days spent with the same instructors and friends yields exponential results compared to spreading those same days across 3 to 4 bootcamps. An often overlooked benefit of the price point of this program is that you get other guys that are amazing and extremely committed-more so than you’re standard 3-day bootcamp. In taking separate bootcamps, each time the instructors must get a feel for where you’re at, and you’re only learning the material thats applicable to the “lowest common denominator” since 3 days simply isn’t enough time to cover A-Z thoroughly. In taking a program that’s 10 straight says with the SAME instructors, they are really able to key in on not only what your sticking points are, but also HOW to fix them based off of the type of student you are. And because it’s 10 days, the instructors are really able to small-chunk the material, allowing you to work on it step by step, while still covering everything from A-Z thoroughly. All of this alone makes a 10-day superior to multiple short bootcamps for the same price, BUT when you add in the brilliance of the Simplified Mastery curriculum as well as the premium feedback you receive from elite instructors, it can’t be beat.