Elje M.

What attracted me to Rockstar was the relationships people developed and the way people seem changed afterwards. To me those things were priceless. I read some of the blogs and reviews and then watched some of the podcasts about it. I could tell that it was legit and that the people involved truly believed in it. I applied for Rockstar because I wanted a life that was different from my mundane one. At 48 years old I was the oldest Rockstar and wasn’t interested in simply scoring with chicks.

I met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met before being part of Rockstar. And I learned so much about attraction, masculinity, energy in the club, etc. Overall I would recommend Rockstar to people. Even to someone like me who doesn’t typically like going out or lots of social events. It’s important to do things like that and to push your boundaries because that’s how you grow as a person I think. Professionally I’ve pushed myself a lot and stepped way out of my comfort zone on many occasions and it’s paid off for me. So doing it for my personal life was important. I regret not doing more of that, but thankful for the times I have done it like during Rockstar. Thank you everyone!


The Ten day program was a mission in helping men heal. It’s not easy to find programs like these where men can come together and discuss their fears but also learn game. The 10 day addresses the inner game and the outer game. The first 4 days address the outer game, ie, communication skills, masculinity and the like. After that it starts the inner game and addresses deeper feelings, unresolved anger and fears. It starts with making a container and sealing it. The “container” is an environment that allows the group to grow and learn from each other. It contains everyone in the program and is fed by the energy in the room. The container has rules such as: nonjudgmental, trust, support, discretion, being genuine, honesty.

The program starts with a description of the mind and how it is always trying to keep us safe. That one of the main objectives of the mind is to keep us safe. This is one of the things that prevents us from approaching women. The fear of rejection is one of the mind’s greatest fears. It is almost like death in some of our minds. Because this fear is so strong, the mind tries to prevent any type of social rejection from women. Usually this amounts to simply not approaching at all. This can lead to isolation and loneliness. It has in my case that’s for sure.

The program also offers an explanation of what women and men do when they go out to clubs. Women tend to go out to have fun and are attracted to positive energy. Men tend to go out to meet women. So things two things clash and often lead to disappointment for women and men. Men are there to conquer or to “score”. Women are there for fun. The program offers an alternative to this. That men should also go out to have fun, create a positive energy, and women will be attracted to this energy. This opens up a space where good things can happen. With the old way, men are trying to conquer these women. This come from a ‘taking’ attitude. With the alternative, you are actually giving. You are coming from a positive place and actually giving positive energy and fun. So instead of trying to take from the girl by scoring with her, you are actually giving her your positive energy and fun and adding to her experience. The conquering mentality can work, but eventually people run out of steam. I know I did. It’s exhausting cuz if you go out to score and you don’t, then you are left disappointed.

The first night we went out after learning these things was interesting. We did an exercise where we just talked to girls about boring topics. The objective was to be as boring as possible and keep being boring until the girls walked away. Wow, what an eye opener!!! We went to the bar XS in Las Vegas. I immediately started approaching women and started talking to them as blandly as possible. It was amazing! No one left!!!! It was actually difficult to get girls to walk away from you. It was actually really funny. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to get someone to walk away from you when approaching. Surprisingly I wasn’t even nervous. I found the whole thing kinda fun. Like I said, totally eye opening.

The next day we talked about being in your body vs being in your mind. This was a completely new concept to me. Again….. mind blowing, eye opening, whatever metaphor you want to use. It discussed how women are able to get into their body much more easily than men. Whenever I’ve been in a nightclub in the past I’ve always been in my head. Standing up against a wall, holding a beer, and wondering just WTF I’m doing here. I was always in my head. The lesson discussed how to get into your body. It also discussed flirting and how to be funny and the different categories of flirting and humor. Again, this was mind blowing stuff guys. Stuff I’ve never heard before but made total sense. It also discussed the sacred hour about getting into your body and out of your head. The sacred hour (or however long it takes) is about doing many short, funny interactions to get yourself into a state of mind (or body) where you can approach women easily and from a good, energetic place. It made complete sense and I wish I had learnt this stuff years ago. Crazy. We went out that night and practiced some of these things. It was hard to do at first, will definitely take some practice. The idea is to get all the concepts and practice them as we go on.

The next day we went over types of conversation. Normal, deeper, romantic, sexual. I mentioned conflict and everyone laughed, I was actually being serious. There’s conflict in any relationship. Maybe they included that under ‘deep’ conversation. I dunno. Anyway, we went over the most conversations need all of these and you need to go in and out of all of them to keep someone interested. Only doing funny banter all the time will burn someone out. Only doing deep, intense conversations will burn someone out. Only being sexual will burn out. You get the idea. The goal is to move between all of these seamlessly to keep things going with someone and to escalate sexually. Makes sense. We also discussed masculinity and how it attracts women. I liked this cuz masculinity seems like it is so toxic nowadays. You hear the term ‘toxic masculinity’ and it’s such bullshit. Women are allowed to be feminine but if men are masculine it’s somehow toxic? WTF. It discussed how when masculine energy is there then the feminine energy will allow itself to open up and is always checking if the masculine energy is there. Making the woman feel safe is a big part of that.

The next day we discussed the other type of conversation, ie, body language. We discussed passive and active subcommunications. We also delved into sexuality and sexual conversation. We also went into depth and how to use it to draw the girl in. The goal was to reinforce how to oscillate between all the different types of languages and subcoms and conversation types. It was very helpful but definitely takes a lot of practice and going out there and doing it.

The 2nd half of the program focused inwards. First we discussed “rackets” that we have against one another. A racket is a belief that may or may not be true. Landmark defines rackets as “something happens with someone, and you are the judge, jury and executioner without taking them to court”. We all have them and we even have them within ourselves. They can be damaging to any relationship. And sometimes they may be proven right. Most people don’t like confrontation so we just go along with the rackets and let them fester. That’s often the worst thing we can do but we all do it.

Towards the end of the program we went thru some different interventions to help people release their anger or their masculinity or their frustration. We also discussed how mental conditioning is necessary to keep the door open and continue any changes that have occurred after releasing any inner demons. Personally I find this part very important and want to practice it for life. The outer game stuff attracted me to the program, the inner game stuff if why I decided to sign up. The interventions simply opened the door but weren’t meant to be a lifelong fix. The daily conditioning over time, over weeks and months and years is where and when the inner game takes place. We got a talk from one of the previous Rockstars and he went over his daily mental conditioning routine which was very in dept and he was extremely disciplined about it. One of the most disciplined I’d ever seen or heard of. I hope to be able to bring this same discipline to my life and my mental conditioning as well. The talk was excellent and inspiring.

Other things we covered were texting and logistics. The logistics was more about getting the girl out of the club and home and removing all obstacles. Certainly made a lot of sense. I don’t plan on doing a whole lot of that at my age but it was still good info. I did take a girl home but I cant remember if it was during the first ten days or not. The logistics were easy cuz the she was staying at the same hotel that the club was located. It couldn’t have been easier. We walked out of the club and thru the casino and straight to the elevators and up to her room. Took about 5 minutes. The biggest logistical problem I encountered was when I couldn’t find the exit of the club immediately and walked in a circle before we left. Then I asked one of the bouncers/ushers or whatever they are, and he pointed me in the right direction. Twas easy after that.

The texting was common sense stuff that I wish I knew earlier in my life. It basically said that you need to mirror a convo and have all the same dynamics and oscillate between all of them, ie, fun/flirty, depth, sexual, normal. How simple is that??? Made me realize some of the stupid stuff I was doing wrong for so long. Jeez. No point in kicking myself now though.

Anyway, that’s an overview of the 10 day. Outer game, inner game, mental conditioning for long term, texting, logistics. The biggest take away is that when you go out, the only goal should be to have fun. Fun creates a positive energy and a positive vibe. That will attract women. That, in turn, opens a space where good things can happen. To have fun you have to be able to get out of your head and into your body. One of the other biggest nuggets of wisdom I heard was that a club produces a lot of energy. You either absorb and become part of that energy or it pushes you out. So true. For years I was pushed out by that energy. During the 10 day course I was, at times, able to finally become part of that energy and have fun in it. That was a first for me. I never understood what people were doing there and how they could be enjoying themselves (unless they were on drugs). Now I get it. It was explained to me and now I understand. I cant necessarily always become the energy every time, but I now know that in order to have fun that is what I need to do.

For someone who never understood nightclubs and never understood how to talk to girl in clubs, this is a great course. It explains and breaks down the nightclub culture for you and gives you exercises to thrive in them. It takes practice, of course, all things do. But it gives you a foundation and lays a path that you can follow if you wish to continue your journey in that culture. The foundation laid can also be applied to other areas of your life such as day game, weddings, parties, etc. it’s a great way to open yourself up to something new and grow as a person. More than a workshop on game, I would consider this to be a personal development course. The lessons I learnt have improved my life permanently.