Bottom line, I had very high expectations prior to Project Rockstar and they were exceeded. If you are thinking about applying to Rockstar and are reading this and the other reviews you are probably questioning, “is the program really all that it is cracked up to be?” You might be thinking, “All of this is probably exaggerated.” Honestly, those thoughts went through my mind when I was researching the program. In my life, it has been extremely rare for me to have high expectations and have them met. Almost always, reality never quite lives up to what is pictured in my mind’s eye. However, I was surprised and Rockstar not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I think because so much is expected from everyone individually and everyone is so driven, that it creates this perfect storm of everyone constantly striving to be better and the group just bringing each other up. I certainly made leaps and bounds in the area of game, but this actually was only a fraction of what I got out of the program. I grew more personally in the nine weeks of Rockstar than I had in any other period of my life… by far. There was such a transformation, that sometimes it is hard for me to remember that I did not always feel and think like I do now. My perspective on so many things has changed. It is like my entire life received an upgrade.

I want to emphasize that you get out of the program what you put in though. You are solely responsible for your own development and have to be the engine of change in your own life. The instructors and everyone else are their to help you out, but you have to do the heavy lifting… no one can do it for you. I also did not realize how much time and effort it takes to master the nuances. Like most things in life, the difference between good and great is in the minute details. The details that are only mastered with experience and that are hard won.

I did not expect to become as close to the other guys in the program as I did. I also did not realize at the start of the program the quality and extent of the Rockstar network. I have only imagined a group that is as diverse, accomplished, and close as the group associated with Project Rockstar. Everyone has so many awesome things going on in their lives. Also, if you are planning a trip or want to do any kind of group activity you can pretty much count on there being someone associated with the program that lives there or is down to join. It is pretty amazing and something that I only imagined before the program. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of such a group and I am a member of some pretty accomplished and exclusive networks. The difference is the closeness and freedom to be who you truly want to be in this group.

Everyone that is accepted onto rockstar gets accepted for different reasons and for the same reason; analogous to the “you are unique and special… just like everyone else.” The trait common to us all was the drive to become better. Words are cheap. It is very easy to say you are going to do a hard thing. It is another matter entirely to actually go out and do it. This program reinforced for me, how few people actually step outside their comfort zone and take a risk. Whether you are accepted onto Rockstar or not, I challenge you to go out and do the hard thing. Go out and accomplish something. Go out and make yourself better. Challenge yourself. Set a goal and execute a plan to achieve it. Rockstar is an awesome program and a great tool, but you have to have in your head that you are going to accomplish what you want to accomplish no matter what, even if you are not accepted onto the program. The work just begins once you are accepted. No one does it for you. You are personally responsible for your own development. Confidence is bred from competence and competence comes from work. No one becomes truly competent at anything without putting in the time and effort.

The environment of Rockstar is a truly powerful thing. Throughout the program everyone becomes closer and closer. Everyone becomes comfortable being who they really are and talking about who they want to be. Whenever anyone opens up, they aren’t met with judgment, but instead with understanding and support. There is a group dynamic where everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. There is cooperation instead of competition. Everyone is supportive. This doesn’t mean everything is all feel good and sunshine and puppy dogs. It means hard truths without sugar coating. It doesn’t always feel good. A lot of time it hurts. You have to reconcile these hard truths with previously held beliefs, but you can count on it being the truth and you know it is coming from a place of genuine concern. It is a very rare thing for a person to go out of their way to give another honest feedback. So many times we don’t offer that constructive criticism, because it is often more uncomfortable for the deliverer than than the receiver. We are fearful, and often rightly so, that these criticisms will be met with resistance and damage the relationship. This is not the case with Rockstar. You learn to control the initial defensive reaction that is natural when you hear something that does not coincide with your own beliefs about yourself. You learn to take it and process it. You learn to grow from it. For me personally, I did not realize how people honestly perceived me upon first meeting. Looking back after the program it makes perfect sense, but until I heard it from other participants in Rockstar I had no idea.

And now I will offer a bit of advice for anyone who decides to apply for the program. No one wants to associate with someone who only takes. Everyone on Rockstar is extremely generous and will give up their time to help you however they can, but you are expected to give back. However and whenever you can. You should focus on enriching the lives of those around you. This doesn’t apply solely to Rockstar. I would highlight how you intend to give to the program, not what you hope to take.

Project Rockstar is an amazing program and my life has been enriched exponentially by participating in it. I have made friends for life and received a jumpstart down the path to becoming the man that I want to be. I am truly thankful for all those who came before and that have put in the time and energy to make it all possible. Good luck to all of those applying next year and we will see you in Vegas in 2015.