Matan A.

Saying that Rockstar changed my life sounds like a cliche, but that’s exactly what happened. In many ways, these 9 weeks were the best of my life. There’s nothing in the world similar to project Rockstar. Even the most prestigious universities in the world cannot give you the amount of social skills and network we gained in only two months. Thanks for the best summer of my life.


Project Rockstar Review

Saying that Rockstar changed my life sounds like a clichΘ, but that’s exactly what happened. In many ways, these 9 weeks were the best of my life.

3 months prior to the kick-off, we were put into a challenging training program, with the goal of putting on muscle with cutting bodyfat. Working out has always been a important part of my life before, but I never did anything as hard as the Rockstar pre-training program. In addition to spending 6-7 hours at the gym every week, I had to check my diet carefully. My job is very demanding and I was eating out almost everyday, but for this program I had to ditch all the junk food and cook my own meals, which took me an additional 4-5 hours per week.
Between working, working out, and eating I barely had time to do other stuff. But the results were here: in 3 months I cut 8 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle. I was ripped to shreds, and everybody around me noticed my transformation and gave me compliments. I felt more masculine and I noticed that more women were checking me out on the street or in clubs. There’s no coincidence fitness is so important in Rockstar. Being fit increases your success with girls on two levels: First, it makes you more confident, second, no matter what girls says, a strong male is more attractive.


I arrived in Vegas with a feeling of excitation mixed with nervousness. I’ve been in Vegas several times in the past years and I always had a good time there, but nothing could prepare me for what was going to happen in the next three weeks. I met everybody at the hotel the first day, and in the afternoon we all introduced ourselves to the others. Our main game instruction took place in the first 10 days. Venture and Sterling new simplified curriculum blew my mind. I learned more about game in the first 4 days than in the last 4 years. Needless to say, I took notice of a lot of errors I was making, and my game skyrocketed. At the end of the 3 weeks I was already really tired, but high on life.


The first night in Poland after Vegas was kind of rough, I had the feeling I lost all my game. In Poland, clubs are smaller, girls are less hot, most don’t speak English, and they are generally less friendly and hard to approach. Being rejected by a 10 in Vegas is one thing, being rejected by a 6 that works as a cashier in a small Polish city is a whole other thing, and it can be discouraging. But that was a helpful lesson, by plowing through the bitch shields of girls we managed to be indifferent to rejection. We did mostly day game altogether. Game apart, Poland was the place were we grew tighter as a group and we helped each other to pick up girls, rather than being in competition. We did skydiving and bungee jumping, both were awesome experiences and taught us to act in spite of fear.

Yacht Week

I was really looking forward yacht week but I left a little bit disappointed, I think it was overrated. On Yacht Week we were supposed to run a more ôsocial circleö approach of game, that is talking to guys as much as girls, making the most friends and not pulling girls on first night. In the end it didn’t really work that way, time to make friends was limited and most people, including girls were wasted 24/7, which means that pulling on first night was not even easier but recommended, because you were not sure the girl was going to remember you the next morning. Moreover, we were many guys on a small boat so logistics were not in your favor. I didn’t get any girl but I still had a great time partying with the guys.

Hvar (Rockstar Week)

Of all the Rockstar legs, Rockstar week was my favorite and the one where I have the best memories. The instructors left us after Yacht Week and our group landed on the beautiful island of Hvar, Croatia. We rented 3 homes at different locations on the island to accommodate the 12 of us. I had the privilege to be with Jennings A, Mike P and Noor H in the coolest place, an apartment in the city center. A good location helps you tremendously with the logistics, and that place had it all. After Yacht Week we were all planning to get some rest, but as the saying goes, the leopard cannot change his spots. We’ve been practicing game every night for one than one month, so it felt natural to continue doing it. Hvar has a really good nightlife, and the next day we were already going to a day club on the beach, hitting on girls. I pulled a girl every night that week, not to mention an Australian girl I pulled during the afternoon.


Sweden was kind of puzzling at first. The first night there felt like my first night in Poland, thought the clubs are bigger and the girls much hotter, I got the feeling I couldn’t elicit attraction in girls. The next day Venture and Sterling explained us that we needed a different style of game. Swedish girls don’t give you much, they have a very different sense of humor and are very flighty, so warm and passionate conversations don’t hit well (Venture told us to imagine that there had a 15-year old mentality). It took me approximately one week to calibrate my game, during which I didn’t pull, then I was under way. I banged a total of 3 girls the next week, included a girl I pulled in the bathroom of Berns nightclub. The last day of Rockstar, we all gathered in Venture’s suite to recollect the awesome stories that happened all along the summer. It was a moving experience, I felt kind of sad that the summer was over and I was about to leave this awesome gang of scoundrels.


There’s nothing in the world similar to project Rockstar. Even the most prestigious universities in the world cannot give you the amount of social skills, game and network we gained in only two months. My game has improved dramatically since the beginning, and I have now much higher standards than before. It’s still not to the point where I would like it to be, but I can recognize my sticking points and I know exactly what I need to work on to reach my goals.
Among the most important things I got out from Rockstar are the friends. I became really close to some of the other guys, and we already planned to see each other again in the future.
Thanks you Venture, Sterling and Vici for the best summer of my life.