Peter A.

If you are reading this and deciding on whether to take part, I highly recommend you take the plunge. Most of the excuses you create for yourself are not enough to justify missing out on this incredible experience. To my instructors, a very big thank you.


My decision to actually go on this 10 day bootcamp was not an easy one. My hesitation was related to the amount of money that I would have to put down, and would I be able to make it work with having a job/working at the same time. I first heard about the 10 day bootcamp from a friend who had completed the full Rockstar program. He told me that it had changed his life, and that he had become a completely different person. Being an over-analytical skeptic, I rolled my eyes when he told me this. We had been going out in Miami for a couple of days and I noticed my relationships with women were subpar to say the least. I told him that I was getting in my head way too much, and that I was finding it difficult to be in state. I got to the point where I wanted things to change and I was ready to put the work in for that change to happen. My friend referred me to the co founder of the 10 day and we had a video chat where he explained to me the 10 day bootcamp and the work that they do. I was immediately impressed by their philosophy to game, particularly their emphasis on the inner game component. Fast forward to several weeks later, I got into a car accident, wrecked my car and the insurance paid me out for the value of the car. The amount was exactly enough to pay for the 10 day. At this point, the money was there, my mind was into it, so there was not turning back. I was happy to know that there was still spaces left.

I was excited/nervous landing in New York for the first day of the program. There was a comfort knowing that my brother was joining me on this journey, but I realized that we would be forging our own paths forward. One major benefit is that it was being run out of Andrew’s apartment, so it definitely was a more intimate atmosphere. As soon as I started meeting some of the guys, I came to another more important realization that there are others out there on the same journey of self improvement. The connection and bond forged with the other guys in the program would be easily one of the highlights of the entire experience.

The first couple of days were focused on the material that we had showed up for. It was a lot of outer game technical details that you would be used to hearing in a variety of other resources, but with one exception. I had never participated in any bootcamps, but I really connected with the principle of going out to just have FUN. In principle this seemed so simple, but it was something that I had forgotten over the years. The instructors were are all really good guys, and they knew their shit. Right off the bat you could tell that they had A LOT of experience between them when it came to going out and talking to girls. There was a bit of surface level inner game material that I found really interesting. That was the material that I really wanted to get into. The first three days felt like a bit of a massive knowledge transfer concerning the mechanics of being out, talking to women, etc. There was a lot of useful information presented. Again, I had no prior experience with bootcamps, so for me it was valuable. The crucial part of the first day, and for that matter all of them, was the emphasis on the container. The container refers to the fact that all of us who came on this journey are in sort of a bubble together. The container serves to create a space where there is mutual respect and trust. At first I was rolling my eyes at this concept, but this principle would come to my rescue over and over again through the course of the next 10 days.

The first three nights were all spent going out to various places in New York. The first night we went to a club in Lower Manhattan. As soon as I got there, I started having some good conversations and felt good about myself. As the night went on, I could feel myself getting more and more into my own head. It was a feeling that was very familiar, but instead of feeling isolated, I felt charged. The instructors could sense that I was getting into a bad place, and that is when the real learning began. During the course of the day, we were just learning concepts. Now it was real. My first instinct when feeling this way is to close off, but the instructors told me that the solution is to open up, let go and trust. One of the exercises I engaged in was saying hello or paying a compliment to everyone I saw. I had to walk past several people and just say anything. I was so uncomfortable at first because it involved interacting with girls that had already blown me out. While doing this exercise, I engaged in yet another great interaction with a really attractive woman. Even to this day, when I find myself in the same headspace, I will start conversations with random people, and enough of those will generally pull me back into my body. The next two nights were way more enjoyable because I started emphasizing the concept of having fun and bringing fun energy.

The program really started for me during the inner game deep dive. This is where all of the material really started hitting a nerve. Lately at this stage of life, real moments of self discovery are rare, but for the next 5 days, it was non stop. There was a lot of real discussions regarding being in your body versus your mind, and the concepts of trust versus surrender. The difficulty for me was trying to analytically break down these concepts. Unfortunately, that method only serves to lead you further away from the truth. I had to confront certain parts of myself that I had either suppressed or shamed over the years. There was so much progress made as far as self acceptance. This is where the container’s strength was demonstrated. Over these next few days all of us who chose to attend, connected on a level that I was not expecting. The vulnerability that my fellow men displayed was courageous and admirable. There were several exercises that we participated in as a group that really served to help us understand the concepts and bond as a group. Some of these exercises really helped me find a part of my masculinity that I had somehow misplaced. Not only did these inner game days help me understand and accept myself in a new light, it also shined a light on how other relationships in my life are lacking. Andrew had told us at the beginning, “you came for A, but you will receive B”. For me, B was much bigger and more profound than I would have believed. This was demonstrated for me time and time again during the inner game days. There is more detail here to be discussed but that would greatly undermine the experience and the effort put forth by all the instructors.

After the inner game days were completed, we surfaced to expand more on the concepts of masculinity and sexual conversations. All of this is taught with the underlying foundation of trusting and learning to let go. After the inner game portion, these seemed more trivial to me. The last two nights were spent once again going out and exposing ourselves to the “real” world after the dive that we took. What I found was a lot of the challenges that I faced originally were still there, but I had a different relationship with them. Instead of using them to create stories based on the need for control and false assumptions, I accepted them and the responsibility I took in creating them. My interactions with women the last two nights were more enjoyable and noticeably lighter. There was less pressure, and I was using the outer game skills we had been taught, which served to create a better environment for the women as well.

The last day was spent reviewing everything. The instructors reviewed the major concepts that we had discussed and painted a picture for us going forward. We received tips on how to better our lives and health which were very useful. The last day was difficult for me because I had found the environment I was in so spiritually helpful. I was amongst a group of guys that were putting in time to better themselves and everyone was supportive. It is a testament to the instructors process for choosing high quality individuals. If you are reading this and deciding on whether to take part, I highly recommend you take the plunge. Most of the excuses you create for yourself are not enough to justify missing out on this incredible experience. To my instructors, a very big thank you.