Robert K.

If you’ve hit the end of your road, or a plateau in your development, or if you just want to supercharge your life with knowledge that goes well beyond game, this is the program for you!


The 10-Day is one of those life-changing experiences that is very difficult to describe in words.

It is a combination of clean theory, coupled with hands-on, in-field examples, culminating in a sort of spiritual awakening that, if you’re open to it, you will feel deeper than you have ever anything before.

In all honesty, had someone told me all the things we would be doing as part of the inner development work, I don’t think I would have agreed to go. However – this would have been a huge mistake! Please keep that in mind when you read something and say “weird” or “unbelievable” – you wouldn’t have so many people speak so highly about this program if it really didn’t offer something special.

Many of the most important things in life cannot be learned from a book or realized through the use of thought experiments. Think about it: the most memorable experiences of your life were only so because you experienced them viscerally – and this program brings this home hard! With a jam-packed schedule every day, you will be immersed in a unique set of activities that will allow you to experience the theory covered during seminar earlier in the day, in a way that hits all of your senses and sticks in your memory.

The 10-day offers a unique experience that in all honesty, most people do not, and cannot know, that they really need – but if you’re reading these reviews, deep down somewhere you know you’re looking for something else; I and the other guys on this post can attest that if this isn’t it, it’s the closest thing out there.

Since you’re reading this review, then you already know you need it – listen to that instinct and follow your gut – sign up now! You won’t regret it…

The New Curriculum

The curriculum has been significantly revamped since previous 10-Days. I have not had the opportunity to attend any of the previous ones, but I have been in the community for 10+ years, and can honestly say that I’ve read almost all the theory – much like all of you, that hadn’t helped, in fact, it probably made things worse for me.

I attended the Superconference in Las Vegas in 2017, and several bootcamps in the years previous, but even with this, I struggled to put together a framework that could work for me. I consistently found it difficult to just “have fun” when I went out, I couldn’t really have fun unless I numbed my mind with the help of alcohol.

Now two weeks since the 10-day, I have begun to integrate much what I learned into my daily routines, and although too early to call it permanent, for the last 2 weeks I have been able to regularly and consistently enter “state” where I am legitimately and genuinely having fun while at any event – whether it be at a family, social, professional, or night-time-fun gathering. I can assure you that previous to my experience with the Simplified Natural curriculum, this was not the case!

I was often anxious, both before and during all type of events, but especially at night clubs and bars. I can’t tell you how many times I caught myself checking my watch and groaning when I realized there was still an hour or two left before I could make a graceful exit for the night. I would try to stay motivated with non-outcome-dependent goals, but invariably disappointed followed when those goals were not met. Worse yet, when I was progressing, a single bad interaction could devastate me for the rest of the night, or even the weekend.

However, since learning, practicing, and integrating the Process, covered during the first weekend, I am able to go from cold to “In State” within a short hour of arriving at any venue so far, and with not a single drink of alcohol to boot!

Now the guys are quick to highlight that, like with most new life skill learned at an intense event, it is not uncommon for things to “go back to normal”when you return home. However, by integrating each of the lessons and experiences into your daily life, covered on the 10th day of program, it is possible to harness the power of this program into supercharging your approach to game, work, time with friends, sports/fitness/nutrition, and so much more!

More Content – Less Focus on Outer Game

The Simplified Natural program is not a bunch of lines and routines being taught by experts in the dating and personal development space – but there is that, lots of that. However, if you’re looking at this program, it’s because you know that a bunch of memorized lines and routines is not the (whole) answer.

Routines and lines are useful when integrated into your natural way of being; routines are key to our life, most successful people minimize the loss of decision-making energy by relying on tried and tested routines. However, that is not useful unless you already know what to do – the process to get there is a long road of trial and error until you hit proficiency (just think about every time you started a new job or position). This program will break down everything it teaches so you can understand why it works, and then show you how to review, evaluate, revise, create, and/or adopt everything you already do or have already learned, and only keep those things that make effective routines for your life and your goals!

The beauty and sophistication of this program is the realization that “game” and “relationships” are unique gateways to the depth of your being, and intertwined with almost every aspect of your life. Your relationships with women, more so than any other aspect of your life, have a connection to the “deep real self” that men rarely, if ever, let themselves access and develop into a richer and more fulfilled human being.

By realizing this fact, the program is able to show you how to build a real foundation for more than just game, but for your entire life.

With core themes around Trust, Surrender, and Bold Masculinity, you are sure to realize how close you really already are to the man that you always knew you were.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The program is definitely not cheap, but the value of the curriculum shouldn’t be under-estimated.

It is important to note that the guys involved are effectively synthesizing and condensing decades of combined experiences into a tightly curated 10-day program. That said, despite the monstrous volume, they still took ample time each day and night to ensure every attendee on the program got exactly what they needed in a very personal way.

The true value of the program can be broken down into 3 elements that are crucial for transformative change in someone’s life:

1. Clear, concise, and most importantly “clean” body of knowledge, researched and backed up with examples and references at each turn. Andrew has an uncanny ability to break down every subject into the smallest pieces for everyone to understand at a base level, and then paints an amazing holistic picture of how it all fits back together again.
2. The creation of a “container” that provides a context conducive to maximizing learning, experience, and transformative change. This “container”, created when 12-15 deeply passionate and committed like-minded individuals come together, is crucial for the third and final element:
3. In-body experiences, the ones that you feel deep inside, even when you can’t fully wrap your mind around them – this is what fosters the learning and experience that leads to making a transformative change in how you live your life.

Depending on how you integrate it into your everyday life, and I am (as are all the other guys) deeply involved in this process (as it takes weeks and months of work), I feel like this can be a 10x-100x return with the right amount of effort. But be warned – this is not a “quick fix”. Much like all the good things in life: the concepts are simple, but not easy to master!

The guys will openly tell you this right at the beginning of the program: for you to really get the most out of this, get ready to put in 8 months of effort at least 2 times a week. The skill learned here are not like switches, but more like dials that take time and a multitude of interactions to fine tune. Furthermore, developing that foundation of solid inner skills requires time spent on yourself, by yourself.

If you’ve hit the end of your road, or a plateau in your development, or if you just want to supercharge your life with knowledge that goes well beyond game, this is the program for you!