Sam R.

I don’t really know how to describe how different this experience was. So little of it was on game. To me this felt like the awakening I didn’t even know I needed.


This 10 day program was incredible. A few years ago I came over from Australia to attend the Super conference in Vegas and while it was a great experience I ultimately never achieved the success I wanted. A lot of that was on me but part of it was that the program just didn’t click with me. This 10 day was completely different. To be honest I can’t even describe it as a pickup seminar. At the end it felt more like a 10 day spiritual journey with some communication skills thrown in because fuck it why not.

The day 10 was held in Andrew’s (Sterling) apartment in NYC. It had a really cool vibe and provided a really intimate atmosphere to the whole event. We had four instructors for the 12 of us. Andrew, Blake, Alex and Tanner plus some of the guys from Rockstar who came in from time to time. The instructor to student ratio was good and I never felt like I was left alone.

On the first day Andrew covered off on some basic principles which set the tone. He let us know that this 10 day had a completely overhauled curriculum and very little of it would be what we were expecting. The first four days was intended to set the foundation for the course and build the container that we’re all going to be a part of. We all contributed the following principles:

No judgement – Everyone has demons

Be authentically open and transparent

No Defensiveness – There’s nothing that can impress and nothing that can disappoint

Support each other

Play all out – bring yourself to the table every single day

Agency and Intentionality – Set your intention and exercise your agency

Trust – Trust for no other reason than to trust

We then started to explore some mental concepts that changed the way I looked at going out and approaching. Even this small amount of material on things like trust, surrender and conquest had a huge impact on me. After a few hours I started to realise that the majority of the material was designed to help me live a happier more fulfilling life and as Andrew said, the girls are just a by product of that.
Over the next few days we started to get a glimpse of the Simplified Natural curriculum. It wasn’t about learning routines or faking anything in a conversation, it all it came down to being comfortable expressing your natural personality whilst knowing how to push the conversation forward. We had to learn how to push various thresholds in order to make something happen without getting stuck in a normal conversation or going so far as to get blown out. After that we covered subcomms and how to move the non verbal conversation forward. Andrew made the point that the outer game mechanics are easy and make up about 20-30% of the journey, the rest comes from within you. It’s a continuous life long journey to get out of your head and into your body.

We went out the first night with the goal of just getting into a normal conversation. It surprised me how much fun I had with this. There was no overarching goal, I didn’t feel like I’d come to work on anything or put in work at my job, I was just there to have fun. We also played a game called let it die. The instructors made us start all of our sets and keep them going for a minute or so before deliberately letting them fizzle and die. When the girl walked away we were supposed to sit in the emotion that came up and really feel it. The first few times it felt shit, just like getting blown out always does, but after a while it stopped feeling like anything, and then it became fun. The idea was to get to the point where the set wasn’t good or bad it just was. It was designed to make us indifferent to the outcome.

This was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. It got me completely out of my head and I ended having a really cool night just bouncing around talking to people. This was also one of the first times I’d had almost nothing to drink when I was out. Alcohol has always been a big crutch for me I managed to stay off it. What was really amazing to me was that I felt completely energized after we left the club. I realised that I didn’t need alcohol to get into state and that I was actually better off without it.

The second night was all about being fun and flirting with girls. We were supposed to talk shit, make jokes and try and have as much fun pushing the threshold with girls. The instructors gave us some core principles like “I’m not here to get laid I’m here to get into state” and that we needed to think about going out like a collaborative art project that involved everyone in the club. I found this a little harder than the first night but a lot of that came down to trying to get something out of the girls instead of just trying to have fun. Once I relaxed and remembered the process we were taught the night got a lot better, I had a few half an hour sets and lot of smaller ones that didn’t really go anywhere.

The third night out we went to a strip club in order to experience what it was like on the receiving end of a cold approach and to experience a conversation that we knew couldn’t go anywhere. It was pretty cool seeing how some of the strippers would approach us and joke around and have a good time and laugh with us versus those who were only there to get paid. I felt pretty sympathetic to regular girls after we left.

After the mechanics were covered we started to go on a deep dive into our selves. This was the part the none of us expected. We started a daily meditation and breathing practise designed get us out of our heads and into our bodies, I’d done meditation before but this was much more powerful. It brought up a lot of emotion for some people myself included. Everybody was given an opportunity to share how It felt what came up for them.

Over the next few days we did an exercise where we played with the mental exercises covered on day one and the breathing techniques we’d learnt earlier. The idea was to surrender completely and learn to ‘just be’ despite whatever was going on around you. Then we practised an active form of meditation. The idea was that if you can’t see anyone and they can’t see you then you can judge anyone or be judged by anyone.

All of these out of mind and into body exercises lead us to what was for me one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Andrew lead us in the circle of vulnerability. There were tears all around and it really highlighted that everybody had demons in their life and that we were all in this together.

After five days of some of the deepest experiences I’ve ever had we were ready to go out again. I felt like a layer of dirt had been cleaned off my soul and It seems like everyone else felt the same. There was no analysing my interactions, no over thinking anything just pure fun. I had a few long sets but after a while I didn’t even feel like I was doing approaches, I was just talking to everybody around me. Towards the end of the night I ended up pulling a Kiwi girl into the bathroom and getting a blow job off her.

Over the next few days we dove even further into masculinity vs femininity and spent some one on one time with Andrew infront of the group working on our individual issues. Mine revolved around how I find it hard to get in touch with my masculinity what I need to do to bring it out. Andrew truly is a wizard with this sort of thing. His ability to diagnose people and bring about a change in them is incredible.

On the last day we spoke about how to integrate this into our lives and how to prevent it from becoming just a cool experience we had one time. We talked about nutrition and exercise and a daily ritual for success.

I don’t really know how to describe how different this experience was. So little of it was on game. To me this felt like the awakening I didn’t even know I needed.


I just wanted to add a little extra to my review as it’s now been almost two weeks since I’ve been back to my life. The changes really are remarkable. I feel completely different day to day than I used to. I’m feel generally happy almost all the time, I find myself having a good time for no reason. I’m no longer starting to over analyse every interaction or getting anxious at every hot girl I see walking down the street. I’m not getting intimidated by other men I interact with either which is a huge change for me. I find my natural personality is coming out much easier and I’m so much more comfortable expressing myself in my day to day life. I feel very blessed to have had the experience of being on this program.